Gun violence is a universal phenomenon, yet unless you are raised around or trained in firearms,  your understanding of how such weapons work and what they do can be limited. This lack of knowledge can have serious effects in jobs that intersect with firearms, particularly when investigating or dealing with firearms incidents or working in regions with high levels of gun threat. It also allows myths about firearms to proliferate, misunderstandings that can at best embarrass or at worst be life-threatening.


Tactical Research provides training and research services to those who need to understand firearms for their professional development. Our primary goal is to provide education in firearms for people working in government, police/security forces, law firms, aid agencies, journalism, media, film/TV production and other related employment. We can also arrange hands-on firearms training and live-fire research project if required, through third-party organizations.

Understanding Firearms: An Introductory Course

This one-day course gives you an essential understanding of firearms – from how they work and how they are used to the effects they have on target. Recommended for anyone who might encounter firearms in a professional context.

Lethal Force Encounters: Psychology and Dynamics

A dynamic and fascinating course that explains the reality of how human beings behave in lethal force encounters, how firearms types and training affect the outcome of an armed clash, critical tactics, and the physiological effects of bullets on the human body.

Firearms: Types and Technology

A two-day course that explains the fundamentals of how firearms and their ammunition work, with topics including firearms components, ballistic performance, operating systems, tactical purpose and popular firearms types.

Firearms Training

Tactical Research can provide clients with a variety of opportunities to conduct live firing, either directly under our instruction or through approved third parties. The shooting experiences range from introductory courses in shotguns and UK-legal rifles for complete beginners (conducted in the UK) through to advanced training with military-grade weapons for experienced shooters (typically conducted through third parties outside the UK).

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