Trials and testing

Tactical Research can arrange for trials and testing of firearms and ammunition, for purposes of forensic study, commercial development, historical investigation or bespoke purposes. We can also conduct investigations of tactical realities. Because of the restrictions of UK firearms law, much of practical research relating to non-sporting firearms will be conducted in liaison with reputable third parties.

Research projects

Tactical Research can handle a wide range of firearms-related research, whether your study is behavioural, social, technical, scientific, forensic or military. Our research is either conducted internally or through approved third parties; we can handle liaison and coordination between you and all the experts involved. The output of the research can be whatever you choose – presentation, PPT slides, Word document, professionally design report, web page, training material or even a full-length book.


In addition to his work in firearms-related topics, Dr Chris McNab is also an educational expert, travelling internationally to help governments and institutions develop educational materials for national or regional roll-out. This combination of experience allows Dr McNab to provide bespoke educational services relating to firearms, including:

  • Firearms awareness and safety campaigns delivered to schools

  • Production of textbook materials relating to firearms safety and awareness

  • Advice to educational bodies on incorporating firearms information into educational materials.

Extract from Chris McNab, Deadly Force – the realities of terminal ballistics.