Firearms Training

Tactical Research can provide clients with a variety of opportunities to conduct live firing, either directly under our instruction or through approved third parties. The shooting experiences range from introductory courses in shotguns and UK-legal rifles for complete beginners (conducted in the UK) through to advanced training with military-grade weapons for experienced shooters (typically conducted through third parties outside the UK).




In association with Euro Tactical Ltd – the longest established specialist firearms training provider in the UK and Europe – we can deliver an extensive range of firearms courses and support. Euro Tactical states that: 'Regardless of your background, whether novice, civilian, military, PSD, close protection, Maritime Security Operator or a police firearms officer, if you wish to establish, improve or demonstrate firearms competency, shooting and firearm handling skills (including field stripping and firearm maintenance), we will fulfil and surpass all of your firearms training needs.'

Training courses include:

  • Combined Arms for Security in Hostile Environments

  • Foundation Pistol & Rifle Course

  • Advanced Pistol & Rifle Course

  • Individual, VIP & Bespoke Firearms Courses

  • Firearms Training for Police Officers (UK and International)

  • 1 & 2 Day Competency Courses

  • Section 5 Maritime Firearms Competency

To discuss your firearms handling training requirements, contact Chris McNab on 01792 324049 or


Shotguns are amongst the world's most common firearms, even in countries with high levels of firearms control. Our shotgun training includes a half-day of classroom instruction, then another half day at a firing range, practising dynamic shotgun handling with a range of break-barrel and semi-auto shotguns.

Tactical firearms

For law enforcement or military personnel seeking to pass professional firearms qualifications, or civilians looking to acquire a high level of gun-handling skill, Tactical Research, in association with Euro Tactical Ltd, can facilitate the best in firearms training, both in the UK and abroad.